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Saige Skalsky

Saige joined the DOR Team in March of 2022 as Livestock Administrative Coordinator. Since then, she has become a major asset to the team with duties of maintaining all cattle and ranch records while also assisting chute-side for all cattle work being performed. Noting just one of her many talents, Saige is always prepared and willing to step in to provide a helping hand in any situation. 

Saige's Story

Originally from Ogallala, Nebraska, Saige always loved being outdoors. In 2021, she graduated from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Production and a minor in Ag. Business. Upon her move to Texas in that same year, she was excited for the opportunity to explore the agriculture industry further in a state with such storied history. 

When Saige is not hard at work, you may find her savoring moments in the outdoors, hunting, or enjoying the company of family, friends, and of course, her beloved dog Paisley. 

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