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The Dunkin Family

After watching the growing potential within the Wagyu cattle industry, Doak & Jennifer Dunkin began working towards the Prime Dream. Converting a background operation outside Cameron, TX to a Wagyu ranch was just a small step in a much larger goal to commercialize American Wagyu.

Our Story:

"As the owners of a Real Estate company for many years, my wife and I have gotten to experience the joy in working for your passions and seeing a vision you had come to life. I have seen this same thing take place within the Wagyu industry in recent years as the beauty of this breed has sparked curiosity in so many, including myself."


"My wife's family has a long history with cattle; they've managed a commercial herd and raised registered Brangus cattle for years. However, I have always loved Wagyu beef and wanted to expand on this by building a herd of our own. We were fortunate enough to find the perfect property, The Little River Ranch, for just this purpose and created a thriving ecosystem that supports the large commercial operation that we have built. Our dream was first to enter into the growing industry surrounding Wagyu and its incredible characteristics, but it has quickly turned into a mission to help commercial operators incorporate these outstanding genetics into their herd."


- Doak Dunkin

   Founder & CEO

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