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You Are What You Eat...
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Our Story: The Future is Prime

Our team has raised registered and commercial cattle in central Texas for 25+ years. In that time, we have experienced the hardships and rewards that characterize this profession, and have seen a tremendous shift in the industry. In response to the growing demand for premium cattle, we began to focus on Wagyu genetics.


We believe Wagyu is a tool to highlight or complement any ranching operation. Deep Oak Ranch seeks to provide ranchers a source to seamlessly shop and compare genetics in a non-pressured environment.

A Prime Vision

The Prime Team

The Prime Team
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Our Prime Facility

Deep Oak Ranch operates on a 2,700-acre cattle ranch in Cameron, TX. Our facility was designed to intake, process, and ship cattle on a large commercial scale. We also have the unique ability to grow the majority of our cattle feed right here on the ranch.

The Prime Facility

Partners in Prime

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