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Prime Bovine: Your Ultimate Guide to Our Program for Commercial Operators

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

From our F1 Premium to pots made easy, our program will give you everything you need to maximize returns.

Our Prime Bovine program is like no other. Wagyu is at the heart of everything we do, so it's only fair that we share the benefits of our program with our trusted commercial partners. At the end of the day, we're in the business of making sure our program helps maximize your herd, with a network to help get you there.

Keep reading to find out why the value of our program is unmatched.

Prime Bovine is our program for commercial operators who want to incorporate Wagyu genetics into their herd. The Wagyu industry is growing every year with even greater potential for maximizing returns. Our program is just one way in which you can exceed your Wagyu goals for your own herd.

Why Wagyu?

Wagyu are hardy bulls with roots in Japan that have become a national treasure in the United States. Decades of research and the expansion of carcass data have led to only the best qualities bred that maximize any herd. Not only is Wagyu beef a heart-healthy alternative to other fatty meats, its popularity is growing unparalleled to competing options. Genetic integrity is what separates Wagyu from the rest of the current steak industry.



Benefits you can count on

The benefits of our program will not only help maximize your herd through our network, but will provide a method of incorporating the superior qualities of Wagyu genetics.

  • F1 Premium: F1 calves combine generations of Angus efficiency with the prestige of Wagyu carcass characteristics. Our Prime Producers earn a premium over market for F1 calves with the amount depending on the breed of the momma cow.

  • No Pot, No Problem: Cattle are moved by the pot, but filling a pot can be difficult. Our Prime Production Network of partners spanning throughout Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and of course, Texas, help us to combine sets to maximize efficiency for your herd.

  • Program Milestones: Our team prides ourselves on being with our commercial producers every step of the way. With eight key program milestones, we offer a network of assistance to ensure success.

How you can join the Prime Revolution

Our program, your Wagyu goals. It's never too late to start your Prime Time journey.

Adding Wagyu genetics to your herd has never been easier with Prime Bovine. Our team is excited to assist our Prime Producers in their operations with our many program benefits.

Interested in joining our network of Prime Producers?

Still have questions about our Prime Bovine program?

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