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Wagyu for Commercial Operators

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Prime Bovine

There's always time to join the Prime Revolution.

Prime Producers

Who Are Prime Producers?

Prime Producers are commercial cattle operators looking to add Wagyu genetics to their herds. Most producers run a variety of bulls to maximize returns. Wagyu can be a great asset to have in your bull pen.

Wagyu Bull

Wagyu x Angus (F1)

Angus Cows

Wagyu are hardy bulls with lineage dating back to draft animals. To endure long hours of work, Wagyu evolved to store inter-muscular fat. These bulls are a game-changer for todays discerning steak market. 

F1 calves combine generations of Angus efficiency with Wagyu carcass characteristics to deliver a Prime Bovine experience. 

Angus, the Business Breed, have driven at meat quality for years.  Combining Wagyu and Angus leads to a superior steak that is heavily sought after.  

The Prime Premium

Prime Producers earn a premium over market for F1 calves. The premium amount depends on the breed of the momma cow. Contact us today to learn more about going Prime!

No Matter Where You're Starting, All Paths Lead to Prime.

Eligible Breeds

Eligible Breeds:

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cow outline-02_edited.png


  • Wagyu (Black)

  • Akaushi (Red)

  • Angus (Black & Red)

  • Charolais

  • Hereford

Our Prime Production Network
Deep in the Heart of Cattle Country

No Pot, No Problem

No Pot, No Problem.

Cattle are moved by the Pot, but filling a Pot can be difficult. We work with Prime Producers to combine sets that maximize trucking. We help you get the highest value from your herd by providing a way to overcome this hurdle.

Our Next Shipping Date from Cameron, TX: Sept. 2024
Looking to add your cattle to this load? Contact Us Today!

Program Milestones

Program Milestones

PB 1

Breeding Cycle

PB 2


PB 3

Vaccine Protocol

PB 4


PB 5

Weaning & Weighing

PB 6

60+ Days Post-Weaning: Prepare for Delivery

PB 7

Deliver to Our Facility in Cameron, TX or Direct to the Backgrounder


Carcass Data Back to Producer


The beef cattle industry is evolving. Position your program to benefit from this shift in consumer demand to Prime + meat.

Join the herd. Contact us today!

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