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It All Starts with Prime Genetics

Our Prime Time Females

Our team has assembled some of the finest Wagyu genetics available in North America. We focused on a combination of foundation and modern genetics from the most storied programs in American & Australian Wagyu. Wagyu genetics is a balancing act between growth and carcass traits. Our approach has been to focus on the females by selecting desirable growth and maternal traits with the goal to breed in carcass from the top bulls in the world. We want our cattle to compliment the American cattle industry and exceed expectations year over year.  

Prime Proud Genetics

Featured Female

Ms. Uni

Ms. Uni combines all of the best genetic characteristics that we look for here at DOR. A beautiful combination of Arubial Wagyu & Synergy Wagyu, this lovely lady has a bright future. Ms. Uni's lineage of high marbling, tenderness, and palatability continue to provide a higher quality of Wagyu than ever before.


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The Prime Process

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